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Posted on April 13 2021

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Everyone is after that sought-after skin glow, but as with everything worthwhile, it’s a process, an investment in time and lifestyle choices. You have to research and educate yourself to find out what works best for you and here are some universal tips that might help answer the question, how to get that skin glow?


  1. Vitamin C

The list of the benefits of using a Vitamin C serum on your skin is long, from helping to brighten the skin to reducing the appearance of sun damage, freckling and even acne scars. What makes it such a universal product for people of all ages is that as you get older, it also helps with collagen production and smoothing out the texture of your skin.

You can use Vitamin C on your skin once or twice a day following a simple sequence: wash first, tone, apply Vitamin C serum, and finally moisturize. Another important tip is to keep an eye on the color of the product. When you first begin using it, the color will be a very light amber shade. If you see it has oxidized, it is time to replace with fresh product.


  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Up to 60% of our body, and about 70-75% of our skin are water, so making sure you drink enough fluids is vital to your skin glow. We all know that we need to drink water but it’s easier said than done. We never forget to drink coffee in the morning, but we easily forget to drink water throughout the day. The recommended eight 8 Oz. glasses of water are easier to manage if you use a refillable and chilled water bottle (open glass of water often gets thrown out once that water turns warm!). The trick is to hydrate before you even get thirsty. Fruits and veggies such as watermelon, strawberries, peaches, cucumber, and tomatoes, have a high-water content and adding these to your diet will help your fluid intake and also boost your glow with the added nutrients.


  1. Sheet Masks

Sheet masks have recently become a phenomenon in North America. Originally from South Korea, the concept behind sheet masks is that these masks are imbued with calming and soothing ingredients like serum. By using these serum-soaked masks you are able to infuse your skin and ensure the absorption of the product you are applying. Whether your skin needs brightening, hydration, calming, exfoliation or an anti-aging treatment there are endless possibilities to choose from. Many Korean women use them on a daily basis, they say it’s their secret weapon to achieving a smooth complexion.


  1. Chemical Exfoliator

Chemical exfoliants may help transform your skin. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s), specifically glycolic, is made from fruit acid and helps with lightens dark spots and scarring, improving skin texture, sloughing off dry skin and reducing or eliminating pimples and help your skin GLOW. It helps shed the top layer of skin to reveal a more beautiful glowing skin.


  1. Clean Diet

We are what we eat, goes the old maxim, and what we feed our bodies ultimately shows itself in our appearance. Our eyes, skin, nails and hair reflect the nutrients we ingest. A clean diet is not necessarily a restriction of calories, but rather a balanced diet focused on lean proteins, fiber, healthy fats and raw fruits and veggies. Anti-oxidant rich foods such as strawberries, blueberries, spinach, beans, pecans and hello! dark chocolate as well as anti-inflammatory foods such as fatty fish, broccoli, peppers, grapes and tomatoes are smart nutritional choices that will pay off in our overall well-being as well as the look and feel of our skin.


  1. Facial Massage

Facial massage increases the blood flow to the skin and stimulates the production of collagen. Letting a professional do their magic is wonderful, but, it a facial massage is something very easy to do right at home using one of the greatest tools we have: our hands. With a series of movements using your fingers and palms to press, roll and lift your skin, you can get that after the spa glow. Use a facial oil to help your fingers and hands easily glide across your skin and you can simultaneously brighten your skin and release tension. It’s a brilliant and simple practice to add to your nighttime routine.


  1. Antonym Baked Highlighter Endless Summer

Besides lifestyle choices and skin treatments, applying a bit of highlighter helps create the glow. The beautiful pink and champagne colored swirls within Antonym Endless Summer give skin the ultimate year-round glow. The optimal way to apply this product is to first apply a light layer of the Antonym Baked Foundation all over the face using the Antonym Kabuki Brush. Then, use the Antonym #2 Blush Brush and apply Endless Summer on all of the high points of the face. Across the forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, eyelids and above the upper lip.


  1. Antonym Baked Highlighting Blush in Cheek Crush

When you want to add a bit of color to the highlight, our Antonym Cheek Crush is an amazing makeup product to get that glow. Apply Cheek Crush on the tops of the cheeks, down the center of the nose, cupids bow and above the arch of the eyebrows. It creates a wash of color on the cheeks while sculpting my cheekbones. It creates a smooth glowing skin and there is really not much more one could ask for in a product.



* Please consult a dermatologist or skin specialist when considering a new skin care regimen.



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