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Seven Ways To A Better New Year

Posted on January 03 2023

New year new you

New Year. New Me/You/Us?

Ah that cliché. The earth completed another rotation…and it seems like a perfect moment for New Year’s resolutions, plans, etc. but what does that mean for us, and how can we make it work for us?

First, we believe there’s no need for a new us. The old us is just fine. After all, it brought us where we are today. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t tweak some things and adopt some new habits that will allow us to live a healthier more balanced life. Here are 7 tweaks that’ll help… 

  1. Sleep. If there’s one thing that should be a top priority is getting a good night’s rest. Who hasn’t woken up after a short restless night and felt almost hung-over? Countless research shows that a solid sleep pattern and enough ZZZs are as important to our well-being as a healthy diet and exercise.
  1. Treating ourselves kindly. Is that bio-pic playing in our heads a continuous drama? Time to change the channel. Self-critical and nagging thoughts seep into everything if we let them occupy our heads to much and too long. We can choose not to listen.
  1. Hydrating. Almost 60% of our bodies are water…we must water that temple. Simple as that. Too many positive aspects to list…but it helps flush out toxins, make us feel fuller and helps our skin look better.
  1. More veggies. Everyone talks about plant based and there’s a good reason for it. Fiber, sustained energy, regulates our blood sugar levels, and on and on.
  1. Mindfulness. It’s a buzzword…sorry! But it’s important. Being mindful is simply slowing down to focus on the present, on what is occurring in the moment. The opposite of rushing and multi-tasking, it helps reduce stress and helps us exist in a calmer state of mind.
  1. Activity. Let’s pumps more blood and more oxygen through our bod. Walking the dog, yoga, a bike ride, a hike, taking the stairs…it doesn’t have to be a massive workout 5 times a week… any incremental activity is good.
  1. Clean. Antonym is a clean makeup brand so of course we must mention this…but only because we believe it. Putting clean products in and on your-self is a better choice. Simple as that.

So, New Year, New You! Doesn’t have to be a huge resolution that’ll be impossible to follow. Small incremental tweaks are a great start. Best of luck and Happy New Year!




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