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4 Key Tips About Choosing Natural Beauty Products

Posted on May 27 2016

Tip #1: Make sure that it’s really natural.

Natural ingredients and natural products come in all forms so it’s important to have an auditing body to certify the claims. So many products these days claim to be “natural,” yet, they don’t have any certifications to support their claim.

Several organizations around the world are responsible for certifying natural makeup and cosmetics such as ECOCERT, BDIH, COSMEBIO, ICEA & SOIL ASSOCIATION. These organizations set standards for natural & organic cosmetics making sure they are manufactured as safe, effective and good to use.

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Tip #2: Start with a few products.

If you are switching to natural, start with the products you use most. If you use mascara everyday, find natural mascara, if you have a favorite lipstick, try using a natural one in a similar color.

Slowly add products to your makeup repertoire and eventually, you’ll have your entire makeup case consist of quality products without chemicals.


Tip #3: Read the label.

Be sure to look at the label on the back of the box and take a look at the list of ingredients and at least avoid the following ingredients: Parabens, Petrolatum, Triclosan, and Formaldehyde.

With leading research and technology, you can find a natural alternative for almost all chemicals and ingredients that have been found to be harmful to our skin and to our health.

koral public relations article 

Tip #4: Go for quality.

We are often seduced by price promotions and discounts, but investing in high quality pays off in the long run. Both in looks and performance. Antonym, for example, was designed around superior ingredients with strong pigments, that result in top color performance and long lasting formulas.

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