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Posted on August 04 2021

essential face brushes by antonym




When it comes to creating a flawless makeup application, your look is only as good as the brushes you use. To achieve the blended and buffed skin we all crave, it’s important to know what you need and understand that quality makeup brushes are essential tools. A good brush is like a staple piece in your wardrobe. Today we will review the six must-have face brushes that will help you create the makeup looks you love. The base of any makeup application and look is the skin, so let’s break down the Antonym face makeup brushes to set you on the way to that flawless makeup look.


The Powder Brush is a universal brush to use with loose or pressed powder makeup. Whether it’s baked foundation, powder or powder blush, this big, fluffy dome-shaped brush is one of the best makeup brushes for even placement of product. You can use the Powder Brush to set your foundation or apply bronzer and highlighter for a glowing sun kissed look. To use, apply the pigment of your choice to both sides of the brush. Then, with a light sweeping motion apply the powder to the entire face, or the specific area you wish to focus on. Apply more powder to the brush as needed, but make sure to keep the brush flat with the bristles moving in the same direction for a smooth application.



The Blush Brush has long, soft, dense bristles and is a slightly smaller version of the Powder Brush. The Blush Brush allows you to apply cream or powder blush onto the apple of your cheeks for a beautifully blended flush of color. You can also bring your cheek color across the bridge of your nose to make it look like you spent time out in the sun! For a sheer and natural looking application of blush, smile and apply your powder or cream onto the apple of your cheeks with a swirling motion. For a more dramatic look, follow the natural line of the cheekbone to the ear and then downward in a back-and-forth motion. Repeat until you get your desire effect.



The Contour Brush is a large angled brush with bristles that form a buffed, slanted edge and are soft and firmly bundled. The Contour Brush is used for both contouring and highlighting the face with equal ease. Contouring is a method of sculpting used to create dimension to the face by applying a slightly darker shade or lighter shade than your skin color. The slightly darker color is used to create a shadow under the cheekbones, the top of the forehead, temples, jawline or sides of the nose. The lighter shade would be used to emphasize the areas where light would naturally hit your face. Highlighting can be used on your brow bone, forehead, the bridge of your nose, cupids bow or your cheek bones. This gives the face definition and the contour brush works beautifully to create a soft seamless edge.



The Foundation Brush is wide, flat and tapered and ideal to apply liquid foundation for a seamless, airbrushed finish. It allows you to control the amount of product used and is the best way to build coverage without removing product. To apply the cream or liquid foundation start in the middle of the face and blend the product outwards towards the perimeter of the face. By using a light hand and gently gliding the Foundation Brush on the skin, you can get a flawless application that looks completely natural. Any area of the face which needs more coverage such as around the nose or eye area, use a tapping or stippling motion to deposit the foundation. This will allow you to apply the makeup and keep you from disturbing the previous layers of foundation you have already applied.



The Concealer Brush is a wonderful tool to apply makeup in very precise places on the face; around the nose, camouflaging darkness under the eyes or spot covering blemishes. It has a similar shape as the foundation brush but because of its smaller size it will help you apply with precision and work on smaller areas. Use the flat side of the Concealer Brush to apply product with a tapping and pressing motion to assure the makeup stays in place. It is best to use concealer after applying liquid or cream foundations or before powder foundations. 



The Kabuki Brush is a distinctive looking brush with a large dome shaped head of bristles densely packed together which gives it the ability to pick up a generous amount of powder product. You can apply product onto the skin using a circular motion which blends the powder flawlessly for a polished finish. To ensure a proper application, swirl the brush into the powder and then continue the swirling motion to apply the powder onto the skin. You can easily build up more product by pressing slightly with the brush and focusing on area which need more coverage. The Antonym Kabuki brush is one of the best brushes for coverage.


All Antonym brushes are professional grade makeup brushes and are made with vegan bristles and sustainable bamboo handles. All Antonym brushes are certified vegan and Leaping Bunny cruelty free. Please join us on social media and share the makeup looks you’ve created using Antonym makeup brushes!

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