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8 Tips For Choosing The Right Makeup Foundation

Posted on August 31 2018

how to choose makeup foundation

Do you remember watching your mom apply makeup in the morning? If you’re like us, this routine was both an introduction to the world of beauty, and what shaped and influenced our choice of makeup. With makeup it’s easy to fall into a routine, sticking with the same products out of habit without taking into account what works best, not only for our skin type but also to achieve the desired look. Nowhere is this truer than with foundation.

And the right foundation is the basis for any good makeup and finding the right one is like finding a best friend.

To make your selection process a little easier, we put together a quick overview to help you figure out how to choose the right makeup foundation.

1) The first thing to keep in mind is that foundation is not skincare. Using the appropriate skincare will keep your skin healthy and counteract dryness or oiliness, and help your skin stay well balanced.

2) Think of makeup foundation as a veil -- not a mask. If you need to cover pimples, any redness or dark circles under the eyes, a concealer and/or corrector are the solution, not your foundation.

3) Knowing your skin type will help you narrow down the list. You know not to buy a moisturizer for oily skin if you have dry skin; same with foundation. In the past we had to choose a certain type of foundation for a skin type (liquid for dry and powder for oily). However, this is not true anymore. As formulas have evolved, nowadays we can find the desired finish for our skin type in both powder and liquid foundations (without going to the extreme, that is a dewy foundation might still not be the best for oily skin, just like matte powder foundation might not be the best for dry skin). Often a formula works for all or most skin types, such as the Antonym Baked Foundation and Skin Esteem Liquid Foundation. 

4) Skin Tone. When choosing a color of foundation, it’s important to pick the shade closest to the skin tone on your face and neck, not your arm. Your arm may be a different shade, and thus not the right match for your complexion. If in doubt, a little lighter is always better as foundations tend to oxidize after application and they will darken/adapt to your skin tone. Tip: If your skin tone is a little lighter on the face then your body, you can use a bronzer to help match after applying foundation. This will help to give you a more natural finish than you would get choosing a foundation darker than the skin tone of your face.

5) Foundation Coverage. When it comes to coverage we all have different needs and different tastes depending on the desired result. The options are light, medium, or full coverage. If you want to even out your skin tone while still letting your natural complexion show through, then a light coverage foundation is the correct choice. Medium coverage foundation will allow you to cover minor skin imperfections, yet still look natural while showing your skin’s texture. Full coverage will provide you with the most coverage, and with no skin showing at all.

Tip: Keep in mind that regardless of the foundation coverage you choose, it’s always better to use concealer to cover minor imperfections such as acne or dark circles. The foundation is there to even out skin tone and prepare the skin for makeup application, so it works hand in hand with a concealer for a beautiful finish.

6) Liquid foundation. While there are a variety of different types of foundation to choose from, the two main categories are powder and liquid foundations. The finish options for liquid foundations are dewy, satin, velvety and matte. Dewy will give you that healthy shiny look. Satin and Velvety is a universal looks that gives you a natural finish, pretty much like a second skin. And the Matte foundation finish is the original Hollywood stars look. It is a great neutral finish to play with texture, add dimension for a sophisticated look.

Tip: For the most part, choosing a foundation finish is more a question of taste, as the finish of your foundation will determine the look you are going for. However don’t forget to take your skin type into consideration. A dewy option will probably turn oily sooner than a matte or satin finish. Satin or velvety finishes will allow you to have the most versatility as you can play with bronzers, blushes and highlighter or other powders to achieve any desired look.

7) Powder foundation comes in 3 types: loose, pressed and baked. Powders offer light to full coverage, including the Antonym Baked Foundation, which offers light coverage, which is buildable to medium. The application technique used will determine the coverage achieved. Thanks to the evolution in formulation and ingredients you can now have powder foundations that are good for all skin types. If in doubt, use one that works for all skin types. Powder does oxidize while on the skin and will adapt to your skin tone, so when in doubt, slightly lighter is usually better.

Tip: Your powder foundation can also be used as a setting powder when using liquid foundation, thus eliminating the need for a setting powder. Use the same technique as you would for setting powder. The result will actually be smoother and last longer.

8) Natural and organic foundation. As a certified natural brand we will always advocate using natural makeup. With excellent performance options such as the Antonym Baked Foundation and the Skin Esteem Liquid Foundation, there is truly no need to not clean your routine!

 If you think of your face as a canvas (there’s a reason makeup artists are called artists!) one of the most important aspects of your beauty routine is skin care. Proper nutrition, hydration and a solid skincare routine will not only improve your skin but will also enable your makeup to look better.

Hope this was helpful, stay tuned for our upcoming blog articles about the key things you need to know about liquid and powder foundations.

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