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Seven Tips To Look 7 Years Younger

Posted on December 13 2016


1. Hydrate via Smartphone
It’s been said many times, but drinking enough water is one of the key elements in keeping the skin supple (along many other benefits). However if you’re like us and notoriously forget to drink water, set a water reminder on your smartphone. At the Antonym office, it beeps every hour on the hour.

2. Slip Slop Slap
Australians know it since the 80s and you may have seen it if you visited this great country. Slip Slop Slap is a campaign featuring Sid the Seagull, touting: Slip on a shirt, Slop on the 30+ sunscreen, Slap on a hat. Australians, having a thinned ozone layer, know the importance of sun protection better than most. And don’t forget your cool shades; they cover the most sensitive area.

3. Eat Pretty
Eating clean should be part of your lifestyle. But a plant-rich diet is not just good for your health; it will help your skin look and feel better. Make sure you load up on anti-oxidant containing foods such as berries, grapes, beans, nuts, dark green vegetables and tubers.

4. Browsing
Thicker brows appear more youthful, thus styling and nurturing them are simple ways to have a younger looking appearance. So remember, don’t over-pluck, and make sure you style properly.

5. Curling
Remember your high-school photos? Those big bright eyes that made the faces shine? Guess what, you can enhance the appearance of your face by enhancing eyes with longer, nicely curled lashes. They frame your eyes and make them appear larger. So use a lash curler and, to promote growth, treat your lashes with sweet almond oil (shameless plug here…Lola Lash Too Mascara contains sweet almond oil). Find out more and shop here.

6. Reflect to Deflect
Years that is. Using light reflecting makeup helps light bounce of the skin giving it a glowing youthful look. Antonym Blushes, Foundations and the brand new Highlighter all do this; just saying ;-). Shop here.

7. Think Outside The Face
Finally, take care of your hands. The skin on our hands is one of the clearest indicators of age so daily moisturizing and SPF are key in maintaining hands looking as young as your face.

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee a specific number, because genes, lifestyle, sun exposure, etc. But applying these regularly will make you look and feel great. That's for sure.


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