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Get Amazing Eyebrows With These 6 Easy Steps

Posted on August 09 2019

How to get great eyebrows with Antonym Cosmetics

Brows define the face more than any other feature. Recent studies at MIT and the University of Lethbridge in Canada have shown that eyebrows play a larger role in facial recognition than other facial features. Brows frame the face, express emotion and give the face a “look.” Here are 6 easy steps to having amazing eyebrows.

  1. Shaping Your Brows.

If you’re unsure about your brow shape, see a brow specialist. They will help you determine the optimal shape and then sculpt, trim and shape. It’s a great investment.

  1. Eyebrow Maintenance.

Once a week or so, maintain the brow shape by tweezing, being careful not to overdo it and always pulling in the direction in which the hair grows.

  1. Pick The Right Brow Pencil Color.

The general rule is to pick a shade slightly lighter than your brows. Looking beyond the brow colors, you can reference the hair. If you have black hair matching the brow color to the hair might make the brows look colored-in, so sticking with a brighter shade is best. Brunettes should match the brow shade to the highlight of the hair, not the base color. For blondes, however, it’s better to match to the base than the brightest highlight.

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  1. Brow Pencil Application.

Start by brushing your brows. Then apply light strokes with the brow pencil along the upper edge of the eyebrow first, and then along the bottom edge and fill in between the two edges. Then, blend the color with a spoolie brush using short strokes over the entire length of the brows. Start at the inner corners brushing up and out.


You can choose the intensity of the look desired by applying color lightly or more intensely. Make sure not to color the skin to avoid a colored-in look.

  1. Eyebrow Pro-Tip.
To make brows really pop, apply a bit of translucent powder such as a highlighter or eye shadow in a very light shade just above and below the brow and blend it with the skin. This will create contrast and make your brows look amazing.
  1. Eyebrow Health.

Just like hair, eyebrows need nutrition, hydration, and care. A diet with plenty of veggies and lots of hydration will support healthier looking hair, including brows. And as always, hydrating from inside with plenty of water. And finally, use products that maintain and moisturize the eyebrows. The Antonym brow pencil contains beneficial ingredients including Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Marula oil, Vitamins C and E, which help moisturize and promote growth.

And remember eyebrows are not identical, so make sure to treat each individually for a balanced look.




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